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Corporate Services

Tranquillity Hotels & Resorts will work exclusively with the property owner to protect their interest and to help them to optimise the profitability of their asset.

Our hotel management service starts with an in-depth review of the clients business of which is carried out by seasoned and experienced hospitality professionals.

Our hotel management services are tailored for:  Boutique Hotel Owners / Operators, Property Developers, Investor Fund Managers, Banks and Asset Managers.

Specific services provided are

The Tranquillity Hotels & Resorts Team are proven leaders in hotel management, hospitality services and solutions.

  • Development  Opportunities
  • Strategic Master & Business Planning
  • Development Management
  • Debt  & Equity Funding
  • Project Management
  • Technical Support
  • Market Positioning
  • Branding
  • Sales
  • Facilities  & Amenities
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Spa Strategy
  • Business Operations
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement
  • Energy Management
  • IT Solutions
  • Health and Safety
  • Reputation Management
  • Asset Value Optimization
  • Exit Strategies.
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