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Who Are We

We bring a team of worldwide experts to that task of serving unique hotels and resorts that often get lost in an industry focused on scale and driving down costs.

Our team becomes your team, an owner-centric approach focused on operating as if we were the owners of our client’s properties. We are agile, flexible, and can support quick decision making and implementation.

We focus on improving sales and margins, not on cutting costs. We help our clients integrate sales into all aspects of their operation, while exploiting all of the varied pathways to sales available in today’s market.

We also focus on getting the basics right, with an intense attention to detail. Making sure that the on the rocks glasses are replaced correctly in every room every day is part of an unsurpassed level of housekeeping precision.

We embrace the modern commitment to diversity, equality, concern for the environment and sustainability. Not only will these be good for our clients in the long run, they are good for team members and guests.

We also believe that Digital Transformation is key to leveraging small market opportunities to achieve extraordinary results.

As a company, we will have a laser like focus on our relationship with you. There will not be a “one size fits all” approach to management or development, every project will considered to be unique, and will be supported using a unique combination of skills, processes, organization and technology.

Our goal is to drive sustainable profits by driving Revenue, not engaging in a race to the bottom to cut costs

Company Management

With over 120 years combined experience the Tranquillity Hotels & Resorts Management Team are worldwide experts within the Hospitality Industry.

Each and every highly skilled experienced professional Team Member have all worked at senior management level within there careers and have made significant impacts within international hotel companies along with gaining solid industry reputation and recognisition.

Steve Fitzgerald


Antonio Valverde

Merger & Acquisitions Director

Hector Romero

Simona Svelnyte

Corporate Responsibility

Our main objectives is for company to become a great brand and business within the international leisure, tourism, travel and hospitality sector. To accomplish this objective, we will ensure each and every one of its properties are cost-effective, of the highest quality and leverages our vast experience in the sector of hotel management. 

We intend

  • to meet all of our client’s and stakeholder’s expectations (guests, shareholders, employees, members, collaborators, affiliates, partners, and suppliers)
  • To take advantage of business opportunities, open new markets and pioneer in the launch of new vibrant, innovative products and services.
  • To contribute to the welfare of social, political and economic development of the countries of where we expand and take presence.

As a base for reaching these targets, Tranquillity Hotels & Resorts develop the following corporate values each day: Enthusiasm, Responsibility, Commitment, Integrity, Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, Leadership, Team Work, Flexibility and Efficiency.

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